Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are designed for children in need of social, play, and verbal skills. They emphasize creating the best learning environment for each individual child. In our Social Groups we work to pair children based on their developmental, language, social, and play level. Many of our clients who receive individual ABA therapy also take advantage these Social/Play groups to generalize skills learned in individual sessions. Our experienced team guides children through a schedule of ABA-based activities including structured play, group games, and individualized instruction.

Significant planning is involved in these groups, please be on time for the appointment and do not send your child with other toys (unless preplanned). We must also ask that other children not attend 1:1 sessions; this is when we pre-teach the skills for the play date and address other programming goals. We hope families will continue to foster these friendships and meet for play dates outside of therapy.

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We have a collection of the most helpful videos for parents wanting to learn more.

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