Behavior Matters LLC serves children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, ages 12 months through 18 years. Each child’s treatment program is designed based upon his/her individual needs as determined by assessment.

The terminal aim of every child’s program is to “close the gap” between their current skill level and those of their typically developing peers. To meet the aim of ‘closing the gap’, a comprehensive, behavioral and education program is necessary.

Beginner Learner

Lacking all or most “Basic Learning Skills”.

The following are considered “Basic Learning Skills” because they are building block skills or skills that are needed in order for prompting to be effective and more importantly to learn from the natural environment. Attending – looking and paying attention to instructor, materials, reinforcers, “Turned into” others and the environment.

  • Imitation – the ability to match others gross and fine motor actions, AND vocally (Echoics).
  • Matching – the ability to match object to object, object to picture and words to objects and pictures (labeling / tacting).
  • Receptive Language – the ability to understand what others say and respond non-verbally.
  • Manding – the ability to ask for desired items and activities.

Helpful Resources

We have a collection of the most helpful videos for parents wanting to learn more.

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