ABA Services

We provide a wide variety of services to fit all your family's needs.

Individual Clients:

  • Conduct assessments- direct observations, interviews, functional assessment screening tools, VB-MAPP & ABBLS-R
  • Develop function-based behavior assessment (FBA)/functional analysis (FA) reports
  • Develop function-based treatment plans, program reviews and updates
  • Develop data collection systems
  • Consultation for home-based ABA programs
  • Community based training
  • Therapist/staff training
  • Collaborate with other professionals involved in the client's life such as speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.
  • Provide in-home and/or community training
  • Provide training to parents/family or staff members in “principles of behavior analysis”
  • Provide strategies to increase appropriate behaviors such as language, communication, social skills, on-task behavior, problem solving skills, etc.)

Private or public educational programs:

  • Development of classroom management and instructional strategies
  • Development of plans for implementing ABA strategies in a structured teaching classroom
  • Staff Training on implementation of ABA procedures and strategies in the classroom
  • Development of Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) based on FBA
  • Staff training on implementation of BIP
  • Behavior Matters LLC accepts many different insurance plans and state grants. We offer a combination of clinical, in home, community-based services and school supports for both public and private schools. All programs are custom created and delivered to meet the needs of each student, family, teacher, classroom, and district.



We are working to pair children based on their developmental, language, social, and play level. These groups are designed for children in need of social, play, and verbal skills. It emphasizes creating the best learning environment for each individual child. Many of our clients who receive 1:1 ABA therapy are included in these Social/Play groups to generalize skills learned in individual sessions. 

Our experienced team guides children through a schedule of ABA-based activities including structured play, group games, and individualized instruction. Significant planning is involved in these groups, please be on time for the appointment and do not send your child with other toys (unless preplanned). We must also ask that other children not attend 1:1 sessions; this is when we pre-teach the skills for the play date and address other programing goals. We hope families will continue to foster these friendships and meet for play dates outside of therapy.


 Below is a sample of goals for our younger social groups (Assessments are conducted to determine each child’s needs):

  • asking and answering peers
  • learning to wait, accepting no
  • learning to self-regulate emotions
  • listening and paying attention to others
  • interactive pretend & game play
  • perceptive taking
  • body language
  • expected & unexpected behaviors
  • problem solving


Below is a sampling of goals for our older social groups (Assessments are conducted and individual goals are created based on their needs):

  • getting along peers and friends (how to recognize and respond to bullying, identifying supportive peers and friends)
  • emotional regulation (how do I feel and what can I do about it?)
  • what is the hidden curriculum as a pre-teen?
  • using a daily planner
  • initiating conversations with peers, how to plan and follow through with social events utilizing strengths and overcoming challenges